Global Solutions for any Gas Treating or Gas Processing Application

Newpoint Gas, LP specializes in the design of modular gas treating and gas processing facilities. Newpoint’s experience insures the most cost effective gas pretreatment solutions are available to customers in every market. Contract Gas Treating Services are provided through complete facilities and operations, as required, to meet residue gas specifications.

Amine Treating Plants

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are the most common contaminants found in natural gas. Newpoint's proprietary Amine plant design utilizes several patent-pending features for CO2 and H2S removal from natural gas.

FLNG / LNG Pretreatment

Newpoint applies its vast experience in Modular Gas Treating Facilities to FLNG (Floating Liquid Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Pretreatment. Floating Liquid Natural Gas Units offer unique challenges, Newpoint provides treating solutions specifically designed for this environment.

Detailed information on Newpoint’s FGPT (Floating Gas Pre-Treatment) and FVSF (Floating Vessel Stable Fluid) are currently available upon request.

Oxygen (O2) Removal

Gas streams contaminated with oxygen are becoming more common as low pressure fields are economical to operate. Newpoint designed and patented its X-O2TM process, the only efficient system on the market to remove oxygen in concentrations from 10 PPM (0.001%) to 50,000 PPM (5.0%).

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