Newpoint Gas worked closely with several organizations to develop our proprietary oxygen elimination process, X-O2™. Gas fields contaminated with oxygen exist around the world, the most common being landfill gas. Newpoint’s proprietary design has proven to be the most economical and reliable process available to remove this contaminate. This patent-pending process has the potential to treat gas at any volume or O2 concentration with ease of operation and minimal operating cost.

Oxygen Removal Systems


  • Treats gas at any volume or oxygen concentration
  • Ease of operation
  • Economical
  • Highly reliable
  • Reduces oxygen concentration to non-detectable levels

Types of oxygen contaminated natural gas streams

Oxygen can be found in various types of natural gas streams. These contaminated streams include vacuum system and traditional pipeline systems. Vacuum systems include landfills, vacuum oil recovery systems, and coal mine (gob gas) methane all of which can contain several percent oxygen whereas traditional pipelines may contain only 100 ppm of oxygen.

Reasons to remove oxygen from natural gas

When oxygen is found in a natural gas stream, it can cause various problems including degradation of process chemicals (e.g. amine), increase corrosion in pipelines and exceed pipeline specifications that are normally set at 10 ppm. Traditionally, these gas streams are abandoned, but the X-O2™ system can treat these gas streams so that they are viable and profitable.

History of Oxygen Removal Systems

Oxygen removal systems are rarely employed and these gas streams are usually abandoned or blended to meet pipeline specifications. There are several reasons for the lack of oxygen removal system in the natural gas industry including, high capital costs, lack of industrial expertise, and limited oxygen removal range.

X-O2™ was developed to remove 4% oxygen from a gas stream that had been contaminated after years of gas re-injection into an old oil reserve. This project allowed us to do extensive research on the different ways to remove this contaminant. After reviewing available processes, we developed a new, patent-pending process which has been proven to be very economical.

After this system was proven, Newpoint began offering skid mounted systems for oxygen removal in all natural gas streams. The X-O2™ systems are designed to handle gas at any volume and various types of contaminants including sulfur and chlorine compounds at minimal operational cost.