Newpoint gas has extensive experience working with clients in the biogas space. Whether the biogas is coming from a landfill, manure, municipal waste, or any other source, Newpoint knows how to treat it. From greenfield deployment or brownfield retrofit, Newpoint has seen it all; this experience means that our customers always get precisely what they need for the best outcome.

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  • Understands common biogas compositions and challenges
  • Designs for any flowrate
  • Economical
  • Understands the required treatment specifications
  • Many different approaches to meet customer requirements.

Types of contaminants found in biogas


One of the most intrusive and undesirable contaminants in biogas. Landfill gas and gas from a digester generally have some ppm levels of oxygen ingress; it is nearly inevitable. Newpoint knows that some pipelines have a strict oxygen limit of 10 ppm. Our technology is consistently delivering this guaranteed output.

Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide

Newpoint treats these compounds by using amine or membrane solutions. Choice of technology is dependent on customer requirements and preferences. Newpoint has been designing amine systems for over 20 years, allowing us to develop proprietary plant designs based on proven amine regeneration technology. Amine sweetening can use a variety of different amines to solve unique challenges. In addition, Newpoint has experience working with a wide variety of formulated solvents, ensuring that the best solution is being used for the intended application.

Other contaminants

Compounds such as siloxanes, sulfurous compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons, and terpenes are common in biogas applications. Newpoint knows how to handle these unique compounds properly so that the upgrading plant operates as intended.

Reliability and operability

Newpoint’s systems have a 99%+ operating uptime. In addition, 25 years  of operating and designing plants give Newpoint the leading edge over the competition. Plant design is based around customer preference and ease of operation. Our time in the field allows us to understand the common challenges around plant operation.

Newpoint also understands preventative maintenance and plant turnaround inspections. Working with our clients, we have inspected our plants and competitors and recommend actions to maintain this high level of operability. Inspections with Newpoint’s expertise have saved our clients valuable time and money and prevented shutdowns or an out-of-specification product.