Newpoint’s staff has experience in all phases of the oil and gas industry including natural gas treating, gathering, and marketing. This experience allows us to offer producers a single source solution for their natural gas needs.

These solutions can range from turn-key installations with startup support and training to contract treating solutions for which Newpoint will provide the equipment and manpower to achieve your operating goals.

Newpoint’s extensive experience in natural gas processing and treating include: PSA and Cryogenic Nitrogen Rejection, Oxygen Removal, H2S and CO2 removal using Solvents or Membranes, Liquids Recovery using Turbo-Expander or Refrigeration Systems, and Gas Dehydration using TEG or Mole Sieves. This experience allows Newpoint to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different treating processes to give the customer the best process for their application. We can coordinate the manufacture and installation of new equipment or locate used equipment and perform the refurbishment and installation. We also lay pipelines and set compressor stations. If you have a need in the natural gas industry, Newpoint can help.

Newpoint was the only new domestic helium supplier to come online in 2003. We produced 99.999% pure helium on the Navajo Nation near Shiprock, New Mexico. The entrance into this exciting field has further diversified the talents and experience that Newpoint can bring to a job. We are also developing a new project to install a helium purification plant in the Pinta Dome field near Navajo, Arizona.

This plant will further solidify our position in the helium market. If your natural gas contains helium, you might want to consider having Newpoint look into purifying and marketing it for you. Helium contents of less than 1% are often commercially viable and can make a marginal system profitable!

There is no substitute for experience, and Newpoint’s vast exposure to diverse treating processes gives us the ability to answer any question concerning design, installation, operation, and/or maintenance.