Newpoint Gas, LLC and the people who work here have many years experience in all aspects of Oil & Gas Treating and Processing.   Occasionally, we have convinced them to take the time to put their experiences on paper so that others can benefit from their knowledge.   Feel free to review the papers below.  If you have any questions please let us know!


Ohio Reindustrialization

H2TEAM – Revitalizing Central Appalachia


Well Site Operations & Emission Controls

Every Last Drop – Eliminating Gas Flares and Methane Emissions

Virtual Pipelines – Monetizing Stranded and Flare Gas using Dense Phase Natural Gas (DPNG™)

Zero Emission Oil Processing – Compact Fractionation & Stabilization


Power Generation Technologies

Electrifying Oil & Gas

Blue Hydrogen – Power and Water Production 2019


Gas Treating Technologies

X-O2 – Oxygen Removal Technology – Aberdeen Coal Mine

Gas Treating Technology Comparison – GPA 2008


Project Planning/Management

Do You Want To Build A Cryo