Emissions Areas of Concern

  • Flare Gas
  • Tank Vapors
  • Process Vents
  • Stranded Gas
  • Flash Gas
  • Methane Emissions

Flare Gas and Stranded Gas

These emissions and losses are normally due to a lack of pipeline infrastructure in the area of oil production.   Newpoint has been working on how to economically transport these valuable gas streams to market.  We would like to introduce you to DPNG™.

DPNG™ Technical Introduction

Flash Gas & Tank Vapors

The emissions from tanks have received considerable media attention.   This problem is often viewed as just another cost to the producers and as a result producers are often reluctant to address it.  Newpoint and Flash Gas, LLC have worked together to develop a new paradigm for liquid hydrocarbon processing.  Instead of having the liquid hydrocarbons from the production separator going to low pressure equipment that requires a vapor recovery unit to capture the vapors, we have started from the ground up and developed Compact Fractionation Units (CFU’s).  These units take the raw liquid hydrocarbon stream and produce more stabilized oil, Y-grade NGL’s, and natural gas at pressures above 100 psig.  This eliminates much of the headaches of tank vapors while improving oil production and creating a new high value product stream of NGL’s.






1,000 bbl/day CFU







Dual Column Stabilizer InstallationCFU


Dual Column Compact Fractionation Unit during installation in South Central Colorado and after 10 years of operation.





Newpoint Stabilizer 500 Bblday



500 bbl/day Condensate Stabilizer installed in Delaware Basin