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Newpoint Gas is honored to have members of our company, Zane Rhodes and Trey Brown, presenting at the 87th Annual Gas Processors Association. This prestigious event will be held from March 2-5, 2008 in Grapevine, Texas. Company President, Zane Rhodes, will present his paper in collaboration with Gary Trotter of OSO Oil and Gas Properties, LLC titled, “Catalytic Oxygen Removal for the Aberdeen Coal Mine Methane Project in Carbon County, Utah” during the Technology to Improve Operations forum. This particular paper documents the collaboration between OSO Oil and Gas Properties, LLC and Newpoint Gas, LP and their ability to work together to make their oxygen removal system a success and an integral part of its’ gas treating system. Trey Brown, Newpoint’s Vice President of Process Engineering, will present his paper titled, “Gas Treating Technologies: Which Ones Should Be Used and Under What Conditions” during the Technical Facilities Design Forum. This insightful paper will focus on the different gas treatment options available and which ones are best suited for each aspect pertaining to gas impurities. We would like to extend an invitation to all who are planning to attend GPA 2008 to approach Zane and Trey with any comments or questions you may have about Newpoint and how we can accommodate your gas treating needs.

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