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Much has been said lately in the popular media about our environment and the results of our care of it for future generations. While some of the information given has been just hype, there remains the true aspect of our responsibility for environmental stewardship. We here at Newpoint Gas, LP are committed to doing our part in preserving our natural resources and our environment: case in point….. Newpoint Gas is actively involved in the reclamation of land and materials in the gas fields of Texas and Arizona, as well as other states. While the “plant salvage” process is not uncommon in the oil and gas industry, Newpoint Gas, LP is committed to the remediation and restoration of once used plant sites. This process not only allows us to reclaim usable equipment and materials, but also gives us the chance to partner with companies and governing entities in the environmental stewardship process. While these projects can be very costly and time consuming, Newpoint feels that the benefits of this reclamation far outweighs the expenditures of time and resources….not that we are in the business of losing money….but that there are some things in this world that are more important than profit margins. Newpoint Gas, LP knows that fanciful rhetoric and even good intentions will not get the job done, but that our commitment to responsible operating in the Gas treating industry, along with our resolve to be partners in stewardship of our natural resources and the environment is the only path that is acceptable.

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