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Zane RhodesNewpoint Gas, LP announced today that President, Zane Rhodes, will present at the 3rd Annual FLNG Project Advancement Conference in Seoul, Korea December 1-2, 2009. Mr. Rhodes will be discussing the FLNG Pre-Treatment Testing Systems, specifically testing the effects of vessel motion on the next generation of gas pre-treatment equipment.

The FLNG Project Advancement Conference will incorporate the most recent international information regarding FLNG plans and lessons learned during recent pilot projects. This conference will consist of the latest information and news from operators, shipbuilders, and engineering developers. A few topics that will be addressed include cost effective technology available for FLNG, information management during FLNG projects, FLNG project collaboration initiatives, and the future of FLNG development. Additional issues that will be discussed incorporate the analysis of gas field characteristics to match with topside FLNG technology, storage containment technology and processes, innovative systems for the next gereration of loading and receiving terminals, and long-term operational plans after FLNG construction. For more information about the FLNG Project Advancement Conference, please visit

Mr. Rhodes received his B.S. and M.S. from Texas A&M University and is currently completing his Ph.D. in control systems.

Mr. Rhodes has been President of Newpoint Gas, LP since 2002. Prior to becoming President, he served as a lecturer at Texas A&M University, where he taught courses on system analysis and control systems. He has designed applied systems that range from heave compensation systems for remotely operated vehicles to specializing in the design and manufacture of standard and custom engineered gas processing and treating units. Mr. Rhodes has also presented several papers throughout the United States and at an international conference in Mexico. Mr. Rhodes manages the daily operations of Newpoint Gas, LP while also overseeing the engineering and design of all gas processing and treating units.

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