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Here at Newpoint Gas, LP we feel it is paramount to maintain credibility in the business community. While other corporations are chasing the dollar and greater profit margins, seemingly at any expense, we feel that profit and solvency is second to credibility in the natural gas treating industry. While this may sound like fanciful rhetoric, it is really the basis of any good business practice and should be adhered too by all those wanting to establish themselves with the community. Some business practices have caught the Nation’s and the media’s attention in the past few years. Given the recent atmosphere of prosecution and retribution created by these shady and even illegal activities, most companies are trying to create and spin new and better images of themselves. Newpoint Gas, LP has, and always will maintain the highest level of credibility and honesty. For this to be possible, each management officer and employee of Newpoint must practice this, not only in the work-place but also in their private lives and personal business dealings. While no one person or company can maintain perfection, they can achieve and maintain an honest reputation. With this in mind, we here at Newpoint Gas, LP vow to maintain the high level of credibility that we have worked so hard to build over the past seven years. Please feel free to visit our corporate offices at 100 Graham Road in College Station, Texas, and meet the management team and engineering staff that make credibility an industry standard.

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