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Newpoint Gas, LP has proven itself again in the natural gas industry, this time in the area of gob gas recovery. Unwilling to rest on their laurels with their unprecedented success in the Amine plant treating processes, Newpoint Gas has taken the high-road to innovation with their participation in the methane gas processing project going on in Carbon County, Utah. With compression and an oxygen plant in place, Newpoint has completed the first stage in its continuing effort to reclaim and purify an otherwise non-merchantable product. Despite harsh conditions on site, such as recorded low temperature extremes of -37 degrees, Newpoint remains focused on achieving the completion of stage two, which is the nitrogen rejection process…to further purify this gas stream being marketed down the line at Salt Lake City. This technology and process is not only enabling the mining industry to utilize otherwise lost fuel and revenues, but is also establishing Newpoint Gas, LP as a pro-active participant in the stewardship of our natural resources and environment.

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