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Fully self-contained and portable were the objectives achieved with the shipment of a 1,000 MSCFD Trialkylarsine Removal Pilot Plant to be installed on an offshore platform in the Caribbean

Newpoint Gas, LP is pleased to announce the shipment of a 1,000 mscfd Trialkylarsine Removal Pilot Plant. This plant is a skid mounted unit with an integral cage to protect it during shipping and is fully self-contained and portable. The plant will be installed on an offshore platform in the Caribbean for a major international gas company. The plant will be able to treat natural gas streams through 2 parallel trains of lead/lag treating vessels. These two trains allow two different treating scenarios to be tested simultaneously with arsenic concentration in excess of 500 ppb w/w at pressures up to 1440 psig. Each treating vessel has 22 sample ports which are tubed to a sampling manifold for ease of use. The results from this pilot plant will be used for verification of the design for the full scale plant that will treat 450 mmscfd.