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CO2 woes perpetuate Kinder Morgan’s contract with Newpoint for the install of a 350 gpm plant for their West Frenchi Draw Project located in Wyoming

Newpoint Gas, LP has just made public their contract with Kinder Morgan to design, manufacture, and install a natural gas treating plant at the West Frenchie Draw site in the state of Wyoming. HFG Engineering will provide engineering and project management support, while working with Newpoint and Kinder Morgan to ensure the success of the project. The construction of this state-of-the-art facility will be a great achievement for all companies, given the harsh weather conditions, terrain of the area, and the timeframe in which the facility must be completed. Newpoint Gas’ engineering staff is charged to provide the same superior product, support, and service as it has with all Newpoint projects. This new eco-minded facility will include a 350 GPM amine plant for the removal of CO2, a 10 GPM TEG dehydration system, as well as, all buildings, ancillary equipment, and electrical generation systems. With months of negotiations and project planning behind them, Kinder Morgan, Newpoint Gas and HFG Engineering are poised to break ground on this project to fulfill the needs of America’s vital natural gas industry. With Newpoint’s and HFG’s history of success, Kinder Morgan will be the beneficiary of a superior product and service, and the natural gas treating industry will once again be shown that “quality is never an accident”!